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Hyper was founded by a team of fierce competitors with one goal: to make the world's best skating wheels and components. Twentynine years later, Hyper has won more awards in more skating events, from racing to hockey than all other products combined. Hyper far outsells all other competitors. Hyper wheels are original equipment on all the world's best skate brands. Hyper now owns factory on three continents, and is the most popular brand in every market in the world. By every measurement, Hyper is the #1.

Hyper Mixer

Why would you choose anything else?!

Hyper is a very simple thing to understand…our only goal is to make the best wheels in the world. Yet, Hyper is nearly impossible to understand. How can you see the difference when it comes to performances? To see and feel are two different things. The Hyper difference is the marriage of skaters, chemistry and machinery blended together. Hyper is wheel technology that is different from the rest. Why would we want to be like everyone else? We aren’t. Hyper wheels make the difference.

Day after day, we improve our product from the core to the chemistry. As skater demands grow, so does our experience. We are better listeners, better designers, and better wheel builders. It’s input from skaters to retailers that makes us who we are and our wheels what they are.

Better tomorrow than today.

Hyper Wheels

A MATTER OF CHEMISTRY: Our aim is to continuosly improve our wheels from the core to the chemistry. Our experience growns everyday thanks to all your imputs. Your loyal and passionate support makes our wheels what they are: your wheels. We welcome you to discover all that we have to offer for 2016.

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