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Wheel Terminology

PROFILE: The profile of a wheel’s running surface can vary from a very pointed radius to a blunt, almost flat radius. A wheel profile should be selected for your skating style. Pointed or narrow radius wheels have less running surface, quicker steering and are faster, while wider radius profile wheels are more stable, yet slower.Wheel Terminology banners-01

SIZE: The size of the wheel is measured in mm’s (millimeters) on the O.D. (outside diameter) of the wheel. Smaller wheels are used more for street or trick skating, while larger wheels are used more for recreational to speed skating. Small wheels turn and accelerate more quickly. Large wheels are slower to accelerate but have a greater high-end speed. Wheels range from 47mm for aggressive street skating to 60mm for children, to 72mm for recreational skating, to 80mm for racing.Wheel Terminology banners

HARDNESS: The hardness or the durometer of a wheel can range from 74A soft to 100+A hard. The durometer of a wheel can affect the performance, durability, shock absorption and traction. Soft wheels offer higher traction and the smoothest ride. Hard wheels slide better, but have less shock absorption.Wheel Terminology banners

CORE: The core is used to hold the bearings in place. It is made from a very hard plastic or urethane that bonds to the poliurethane tire. Hyper’s cores are designed to give wheels additional performance, extended bearing life, provide wheel stability and lighten the weight of the wheel.Wheel Terminology banners

COMPOUND: The urethane is very important to the performance characteristics of the wheel. Hyper has developed compounds for each style of skating. Only Hyper has compounds/formulations for specific skating requirements.

Hyper Wheels


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