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    Wheel Tech: not all wheels are created equal, and not all the wheels are made for your skates or your skating style. In our catalogue, learn all you need to know about wheel durometer, size, micro and standard hubs. Also, see what makes a wheel grip and another race. It’s everything you need to know about wheels and more. To find out what type of wheel works best for your skating style, use the wheel tech diagram below.



    • Urethane: Specially formulated urethanes are specific to surfaces and uses. For instance, an indoor hockey formula should never be used outside.

    • Durometer: The durometer or hardness of a wheel is measured from 72A (Ultra Soft) to 100+A (Very Hard). Softer wheels are better for grip and a smoother ride, while hard wheels last longer and are often faster.

    • Size: The size of a wheel is measured in mm’s (Millimeters). Smaller wheels are slower and used predominately for aggressive street skating. Larger wheels are, mostly, faster and used for recreational and race skating.



    Hyper wheel formulas are specific to skater’s needs. From inline hockey to track racing, Hyper features its own unique chemistries. Whether you’re looking for the grippiest indoor hockey wheel, or the speediest race wheel, use Hyper’s performance formulations to figure out the right mixture of speed, grip and durability that best fits your skating style and budget.


    SPEED ADDITIVE: Add some velocity to your skating stride. Speed additive compound’s offer quicker and faster speeds for racing and fitness skating. 

    Hyper Speed

    GRIP ADDITIVE: Add some grip to your game with sticky wheel formulas. Excellent for indoor hockey and indoor race when turning and stopping is a must. 

    Hyper Grip

    DURABILITY ADDITIVE: Add long-life to your wheels with Durability compounds. Excellent for outdoor wheels that stand up to the abuse of pavement and rough roads.

    Hyper Durability

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